The Great Ninjaz Burn
The Great Ninjaz Burn will be a gamified NFT burn tied in with the ADA Ninjaz lore and story.
As you may already have gathered, Ninava is on the brink of civil war, and with complete war breaking out, members of the three clans will die.
Later this year, the ADA Ninjaz NFT holders will be able to burn a combination of NFTs to receive The Fourth NFTs. More details to come.
These NFTs will be unrevealed initially. The reasoning behind this is two-fold. One, as promised from the very beginning, the NFT supply will be lowered to give each clan a smaller supply whilst tying directly into the story of ADAn.
Secondly, The Fourth NFTs will provide another evolution in the Ninjaz artwork, and be airdropped to Ninjaz NFT holders who choose to burn their existing collections.
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